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Entrepreneurs and Start Ups

For many companies opening a business account is just another obstacle course. Especially if it has to be done fast, the QCKCARD Prepaid MasterCard® offers a quick and easy alternative with a favourable fee structure. If you apply today for your QCK MasterCard, we will ship your personalised and embossed MasterCard within 24hrs. Your QCK MasterCard usually arrives you in the next 3-6 business days. Your business card account will be safely run out of an EU country and is of course suitable for your tax return. Euro Payments with your QCK Prepaid MasterCard are free worldwide at any outlet accepting MasterCard.


Open your account in only 24 hours!

Because you can only spend what you load on your QCKCARD Prepaid MasterCard we do not require any information from credit rating agencies or do other credit checks. With the QCK MasterCard you will receive one of the very rare prepaid cards with embossing, that can visually not be distinguished from other regular credit cards and serves perfectly your high business needs. You can give your QCKCARD MasterCard card with confidence to any of your employees. Due to the budgeted amount on the card and the email, or sms notifications from the QCK card account monitor, you are always informed about what is being spent and where.